“Scopify” One of the best platforms for finding professionals and entrepreneurs!

Read on to know exactly how they help.

Get more leads with Scopify. — “Fixing Sales Prospecting Forever!! Let your digital clone version perform sales for you”

If you are a B2B Growth hacker reading this, Scopify is the one solution that revolutionizes the way we use technology to bridge the gap between you and your next customers.

As most of the world is on lockdown trying to prevent further spread of COVID-19, it’s hardly surprising that people are massively turning to the Internet to buy what they need. Pandemic has made digital transfers a necessity rather than a convenience. For instance, online renewal payments for insurance has…

“Customer satisfaction is worthless. Customer loyalty is priceless.”
- Jeffrey Gitomer

In the world of customer loyalty programs, building a reward system that stands out is a major endeavor for any company, and it can be a game-changing opportunity if created with care and precision.

“But where should I start?”…

The business of a bank is to lend money; which amounts, nowadays, to lending credit-John Buchanan Robinson

Lending is a big business in India, which both, directly and indirectly, touches upon all parts of the economy and people. Apart from the banking sector, several NBFC players contribute to a major…

“The influence of a great teacher/mentor can never be erased”

A gift Overdue- First video dedicated to the source #DigitalDeepak

Hey this is Neha here from nehasahay.digital, and welcome to my brand new blogging channel and my first YouTube video. In this video I will talk about Insight of Mentor…

“Banking at the doorstep”

“Banking at the doorstep” this phrase became reality in the year 2015 with the start of Payment Banks in India. Bharti Airtel was the first company to start a live payment bank in India. It is called Airtel Payments bank.

With the introduction payment banks, the dream of Banking at…

Neha Sahay

“Follow your inner moonlight, your own star; don’t hide the madness.”

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