How Minimum Viable Products Could Get You on The Today Show

“Perfectionism is a disease. Procrastination is a disease. ACTION is the cure.”

So what exactly is this “MVP”? Any guesses!!

“When in doubt, simplify.”- “Success is not delivering a feature; success is learning how to solve the customer’s problem.”

Three Key Characteristics of a Minimum Viable Product

Why is a minimum viable product important?

What you need to build a Successful MVP

The Goal

A User Flow Process

A Prioritized Feature List

Build, Measure, and Learn

The Four Parts of a Minimal Viable Product

Power of the MVP

How to market the MVP?

Some Common Misconceptions about MVP

MVP Examples of Famous Startups:

Google Website:

Early Google homepage (from 1997)

Amazon Website:

Amazon in 1995 and 1999

The Instagram App

Rome wasn’t built in a day

The story of Instagram

The story of Airbnb

The story of Pinterest…

The story of Angry Birds…


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